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Import and Export Commercialization

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1. - GAP is not only a Customs Agency, GAP is a service integrator of foreign trade that provides the services of customs clearance, logistics services, courier services, inland transport services, counselling and is also a  legal defender in the field of foreign trade. GAP offers commercialization services that are available in the country and in the Border Region.

2. - GAP has the necessary infrastructure, modern facilities and a great team who can offer best quality services. All of its offices are located in strategic places near to the customs which gives a competitive advantage. GAP has partners not employees (a team with more than 70 people) who are in constant training.

3. - Time is a priority for GAP, that is why they have a highly qualified staff who provide the quickest service in the area, allowing  our customers to have significant savings of up to 50% in storage, stays, loading and unloading of import and export merchandise. Ensuring the LEGAL SECURITY that customers require.

4. – In our search for Quality Assurance, GAP has acquired and is in the process of implementing a modern and innovate system which integrates all the procedures of the company. This will allow customers, in the near future, to obtain from our Web Site: a daily status of their merchandise, the account balance of their invoices, digital copies of the shipper declaration, digital copies of the invoices, pictures of their merchandise, etc; without any additional cost to the customers.


5. - Even though GAP has their own policies and procedures, they are audited annually by transnational companies who check their processes and staff (anti-doping, lie detector, etc.) to enable GAP to maintain the quality standards required by a judicial company.


6. – GAP has the lowest index of fines and penalties in customs clearance, related to the volume of the transactions they make; this fact makes GAP highly reliable.

7. - GAP currently provides services of customs clearance in their own offices at Merida and Progreso Yucatan, Cancun and Puerto Morelos Quintana Roo. However, at the request of several of its customers, GAP is offering their services in Mexico City International Airport, Laredo Tx. and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mazatlan Sinaloa, Manzanillo Coahuila, Lázaro Cárdenas Michoacan, and Veracruz. This is possible through its network of qualified staff in these areas committed to provide an excellent service.


8. - GAP was the first in the area to provide services in-house to its customers. The IN-HOUSE service exists to provide an Account Executive (GAP staff) to be inside the customer company to coordinate its foreign trade operations (logistics and customs clearance).  This service offers a competitive advantage because GAP tries to be a department of foreign trade in their customers’ offices. This service has no additional cost however; it is a function to the volume of operations of the customer.

9.-GAP has its own judicial department independent from the judicial departments of the Associations of Customs Agents to which it belongs. This allows them to make flexible decisions and to provide judicial safety to its clients in every operation. This allows them to advise their clients in any request or litigation derived from operations of exterior commerce.

10. - GAP utilizes several transport vehicles in order to offer its clients a flexible pick up and delivery service. Combined with the modern units and the qualified staff this improves the custom clearance time and prevents the client using a subcontractor delivery service.


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