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Grupo Aduanero Peninsular S.C.P.


Custom Broker & Logistic Solutions

Custom Broker with wide experience in import and export procedures, providing services and support in duty´s regulations, classification and foreign trade advisory. GAP is the core business of a group of companies directly related to the development of the international commerce in the southeast on Mexico.


Mexican Custom Broker at Merida, Yucatan, Progreso Yucatan and Cancun Quintana Roo, specialized in the process of import and export.

GAP is part of a group of companies dedicated to provide services to foreign trade.




    1. - GAP is not only a Customs Agency, GAP is a service integrator of foreign trade that provides the services of customs clearance, logistics services, courier services, inland transport services, counselling and is also a  legal defender in the field of foreign trade. GAP offers commercialization services that are available in the country and in the Border Region.

    2. - GAP has the necessary infrastructure, modern facilities and a great team who can offer best quality services. All of its offices are located in strategic places near to the customs which gives a competitive advantage. GAP has partners not employees (a team with more than 70 people) who are in constant training.

    3. - Time is a priority for GAP, that is why they have a highly qualified staff who provide the quickest service in the area, allowing  our customers to have significant savings of up to 50% in storage, stays, loading and unloading of import and export merchandise. Ensuring the LEGAL SECURITY that customers require.

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